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Texas Blues Lick with Fills! YL04

Hey guys, let’s learn a sweet Texas Blues lick, followed by a double-stop rhythm guitar fill. This a fun way to play through a 12 bar blues. Next step for you is to modify the lick a bit each time you play it and also play around the double-stop fill. This can generate some useful […]

Bluesrock Licks YL02

Here are 6 blues-rock licks that are not too challenging I hope. These licks together make for a short solo, more or less. It’s the phrasing that really makes the difference. It’s not about showing off – just some nice bluesy lines to fit over this chord progression.

Into The Wind

I forgot to put this sweet solo in the news section! Sorry about that. I am wondering if you can hear the Weather Report quote in the beginning? 🙂 Please note, that you can see both full view and fretboard view by clicking the “Recordings” option in the Soundslice toolbar.  

Blues Yam Bb01

Today, I have published a sweet blues solo for you to learn. It’s a 24 bars long, and it’s in B flat. I had listened to Chris Cain when I recorded this, and the last 2 licks are pretty stolen from him. He is such a great player – check him out. This solo is […]

SRV style

I made a new course called “SRV Style Licks”, since I have quite a few licks of that style scattered around the web… I’m trying to consolidate them into one place. Check out this latest one – pretty cool! First lesson with my new Strat (I named it “Denise”, after my wife).

Sophisticated Blues Licks

I’m starting a new section of licks and ideas that are a bit more “sophisticated”. These are fun and challenging pieces that will inspire you and push you a bit. They many not always be advanced technique-wise – sometimes they just sound cool and aren’t too hard. Have a look:

Easy Blues Solo E02

This is an easy 24 bar long solo, played over a blues shuffle, key of E. I made this solo lesson as a way to encourage members to participate in the quarantine jams. You can jump right in here on the blues shuffle jam here. The tune is 110 bpm. You can learn this solo […]

A Minor Blues Solo now ready

A sweet jam track, and a nice solo for you to learn. Come and check it out, and please let me hear YOU play some of this. The track is available for the quarantine jam session.

Quarantine Easy Solo E-01

I have added an easy solo for you get started on the Quarantine Jam Sessions! I played it over the Straight Red Blues 100 bpm. I would love it you tried this solo over the shuffle track, which is at 110 bpm. Let me know how you like this one! I will add a breakdown […]