Massive Sale ~ TRIADS

Gibson ES-335 – Live Stream

I’m so excited to finally have one of these wonderful guitars. I was able to find a nice one in a music store, as I was waiting for my father-in-law to be done is eye Dr appointment. When was done, I said I found an amazing guitar but I don’t really need it. I kept […]

MeloAudio Pedal demo

I have recently tried some new pedals that are inexpensive and great sounding. They are from a Chinese company called MeloAudio. Check out my demo here. I didn’t like the Pitch Shifter that much. The other 3, Chorus, Delay and Looper are great! Let me know your feedback!

Hendrix Major Chord Embellishments

Here is a lesson on making chords sound a lot more interesting. This is a style Jimi Hendrix is known for. Embellishing chords with hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides. Come have a look.

Harmonizing Major Scale with Triads YL09

Hey guys, here’s a lesson that I hope you find fun and useful. The lesson is showing you how to find all the 7 triads that exist within the major scale, in this case E major. We can also view this as harmonization of the major scale. Let me know if you have any questions!

YL08 – Major Pentatonic lesson exercise

Mixing chords & licks is both fun and useful. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Here, we’ll play an easy major pentatonic lick, and then follow it up with some rhythm guitar comping, which consists of alternating between two triads. Let’s check it out!

Learn 3 Mighty & Greasy Blues Licks

These 3 licks are greasy and fat, and will help you to really DIG IN when you play the blues. They are all coming from the same bucket of grease, but the phrasing and location on the neck is different for each – on purpose! Keep on learning tasty phrases and work on that fretboard […]

Spark Blues

Check the blues improve I came up with while jamming to a jam track from the Spark, by Positive Grid.

Texas Blues Lick with Fills! YL04

Hey guys, let’s learn a sweet Texas Blues lick, followed by a double-stop rhythm guitar fill. This a fun way to play through a 12 bar blues. Next step for you is to modify the lick a bit each time you play it and also play around the double-stop fill. This can generate some useful […]