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Live Stream March 29

There were 4 topics today. The Quarantine Jam Session (coming up), bending correctly into pitch, Dominant Pentatonic Scale and jazz. The Jam Track I used for the bending portion is available for download here. Have a look – it’s a long one!

Live Streams…

I did two of them this week! One for the general public on my youtube channel, and one exclusively for my members. Here you go.

Dorian Trick?

This is a great little trick you should know. Play a minor7b5 arpeggio, one and a half whole-steps below the minor chord you are playing over, and you get the Dorian sound. Pretty cool? To do the same over an A minor chord, play the F#m7b5 arpeggio. To play over a D minor chord, play […]

Insanely Fast?

It’s always fun to be able to play fast riffs, ay? Well, here’s a way you can play incredibly fast runs, using the pentatonic scale. The secret is this legato-style, using hammer-ons, 3 notes per string. This makes it possible to play with incredible speed, and you don’t have to worry much about what the […]

How To – Feels Like The First Time

Learn how to play “Feels Like The First Time” by Foreigner! This is a killer riff and it’s a blast to play it. Let me show you how to play this iconic guitar riff. I used two guitar tones from the Axe-Fx, hard panned left/right. Both tones are from a JCM 800 style preset.

Secret Behind This Lick

Wanna play fast? Here is a rippin’ fast blues-rock guitar lick for you to dig into. It’s played over an E minor jam track, and it’s a great technique to use. I use this approach a lot when I play faster runs. It takes a way a lot of the picking hand difficulties, so that […]

Boosted Blues – Part 2

Hey Guitarslinger, I hope you enjoyed part 1 of this solo lesson. Here is the 2nd part of this solo. Pay attention to the secondary dominant chord (VI7) that leads to the minor ii chord – a sweet way to open up your blues soloing to a fresh breath of jazz… I hope you like […]

Boosted Blues part 1

Let’s have a look at some ideas for blues soloing where the ideas have some funky, jazzy ideas. I’m hoping this will inspire you and give you some new ideas you can use in your own playing. There is a concept in here that I want you to know. When you’re playing over a dominant […]

7 Essential Blues Licks

The minor pentatonic box 1 – the first weapon of attack when soloing? Yeah, probably the case for most blues guitarists. So, how do you play something interesting with that box? I’ll show you. Let’s take 7 licks from that box, and string them together for a sweet blues solo. This is how to play […]