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7 Essential Blues Licks

The minor pentatonic box 1 – the first weapon of attack when soloing? Yeah, probably the case for most blues guitarists. So, how do you play something interesting with that box? I’ll show you. Let’s take 7 licks from that box, and string them together for a sweet blues solo. This is how to play […]

Easy Blues ANYONE Can Learn

Let’s play an easy blues that any can learn. It’s a 12 bar blues in E, but I’m only playing ONE lick and ONE chord! How does that work? Well, because the lick spans 2 bars, and we play that lick when the chords change, we’re always back to the E chord for playing rhythm. […]

What is a Dominant 7 Arpeggio?

What is a Dominant 7 arpeggio? Let’s find out, and let me show you a cool run you can learn from. TAB & Guitar Pro files are available. Arpeggios are very useful to know for any chord, because these are the chord tones. As you learn your scales, please, please – do learn the arpeggios […]

Funky Blues Lick over D7

Here’s a funky blues lick in the style of Matt Schofield. Blues and funk is a good mixture isn’t it! Blues doesn’t have to be a shuffle – this lick has a straight or even feel, but you can of course play it with a shuffle feel if you want. It’s gonna sound quite different, […]

Intermediate Blues Solo in E

This soloing course is at about intermediate difficulty level. I tried it make it sound musical, like something a pretty good blues player might actually play. It’s not just a bunch of licks strung together, because that never sounds natural. Instead, the idea is to tell a musical story, and to get the listener’s attention, […]

SRV Killer Lick 6:33

I have a Killer Stevie Ray Vaughan lick for you to learn. I invite you to take a look! It’s pretty challenging to play it at the tempo he did, but it sounds sweet at any tempo, really.  Take advantage of the Soundslice slow-down feature! I have two links – full lesson breakdown and Soundslice […]

Easy blues solo with 4 licks

I have added an easy blues solo over at https://www.masterguitaracademy.com/course/minor-blues-rhythm-1/Have a listen – how do you like it? As you will see, I only use 4 licks, but it sounds great and tasty, right? A big reason for that is the SPACE left in there. Take note of this! The 2nd element of power here is […]

Licks for inspiration

I thought it would be a good time to direct you to the collection of licks and ideas that I have under “Lick of the Week”. These are tidbits of fun and interesting ideas, and if you haven’t explored this section yet, I invite you to do so. Recently, I posted one lick from here […]

16 Bar Blues

Blues rhythm guitar is something you have to work on, if your goal is to play blues lead guitar well. Here is a lesson that covers the more unusual 16 bar blues. It’s fun alternative!

Learn a Swing/Jump Blues Lick

Here’s a fun swing or jump blues lick. It’s played in the key of A, and it is one of those types of old school blues licks you’ve likely heard before. It’s not too hard to play, and it’s a great staple lick.