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YL18 – play a 12 bar blues solo with one lick

In this lesson, we’re going to play a really greasy and sweet blues lick, and it’s fairly long. I recommend thinking of this as a phrase, rather than a lick. It’s really several licks that are connected, which creates this sweet phrase. Give it a try! It works great over any blues.

Some Days I Have The Blues

New B Flat soloing course! This one is inspired by BB King’s “Every Day I Have The Blues”. The solo is loaded with sweet, tasty and reusable licks. The solo 48 bars long. Click the button below to get started.

E Dorian YL17

Here’s a nice, melodic E Dorian phrase for you to learn. Jamtrack and lesson files are available on the Soundslice version.  

Run Rudolph Run

By now, I assume you know that I’m in a virtual rock band, called Warp Kings. We recorded our version of this Christmas classic. Here is my Run Rudolph Run solo, broken down in details for you. The song, in the key of C, uses a typical blues progression. Run Rudolph Run was written by […]

Minor 9 chord voicings

  In many cases, you can replace a minor chord (1-3-5) with a minor 7, minor 9, minor 11 or minor 13 chord. These extended minor chords simply give you “more” or “different” colour into to your music. I look at these as colours – sometimes I go for a minor 7 chord and another […]

Mixolydian 3rds, lesson YL14

In this lesson, we’re going to take a look at the Mixolydian mode. I will explain what it is, show you a few ideas, and how you can use the concept of 3rds, to apply it to the fretboard in a musical way. This is also a very useful concept for learning a mode all […]

Bluesy Exercise Lick

Here’s a great jazz blues lick that also is a good practice and warmup lick for a few reasons. It uses strict efficient alternate picking, and it also has a quick hand move so that you break away from that boxy style of playing. Furthermore, moving the hand in this way will force you to […]

4 Note Pentatonic Sequence Pattern – YL12

So are you really able to play the pentatonic scale all over the neck in creative ways? Then this can help. Here, you will learn a sweet, useful pentatonic pattern. It will help you learn the pentatonic scale better, and it’s also a great melodic helper at times – this note sequence is something you […]

Addams Family

The Addams Family Theme is a lot of fun to play! The chords are Bb major, Cm (or Cm7) and F (or F7) behind the melody. I’ve provided tablature for you so you can learn this easily.