Last Chance - 52 lesson download

Upcoming MGA Member Jam #2

Hey Guitarslinger,I’m excited to let you know that the new track for the new MGA Jammers project is ready! We’re going to try and keep these jam projects going as long as we can.To recap: this is an opportunity to be part of something greater – a community jam session where we end up with […]

MGA Member Jam #1

The first MGA Jammers recording is done! Come and check it out if you haven’t already! Many thanks to all who took part. The next one will be a slow blues. The details for the next one is available here.    

Jazz Blues Solo J002

Here is a sweet easy jazz blues solo in C. You’ll find both Soundslice and lesson breakdown on this lesson page. You may wonder where J001 is. Good question. I composed the first solo a while back and I need to film the breakdown. It’s a little bit harder than this one I think.

YL44 – Learn a blues lick in all 12 keys

This lesson has 4 elements I want to highlight, because they are all important and useful. I’m gonna teach you a really sweet blues lick that ties IN nicely with the specific chord we’re playing over. I’ll make it really clear how the lick is centered around the chord. It’s also a longer lick, about […]

YL43 – Minor Blues Licks Solo

Let’s take a look at how to take the Minor Blues Scale Box 1 scale pattern and use it as the framework for a 12 bar blues solo. I am simply playing all the 6 notes in the minor blues scale descending as the starting point for ALL the licks in this solo. For A, […]

Love Is Bold

I found a video from almost 5 years ago that I didn’t publish until now! It’s a little Hendrix idea based on Axis: Bold As Love. I don’t play it exactly like Jimi did, and it’s not the full song. It’s a really sweet sounding piece, and a great exercise too. I find it’s harder […]

YouTube Shorts

Sorry for the delay in providing you with the lesson files for these shorts! I’ve been trying out YouTube Shorts for a while, to see how they might help my channel. Here are the videos & lesson files for the ones I’ve made TAB for: S011 (lesson files) S010 (lesson files) S009 (lesson files) S008 […]

Wide interval arpeggio & pentatonic

I have been experimenting with YouTube Shorts lately, and here is a fun one I came up with. These videos are 1 minute or less. Hope you like it. Download Tab & Jam Track here.

5 Blues Boxes Solo

This one should be a welcome addition to the Easy Blues Solo course I made a few years back. There, you will also find the neck diagrams for the blues boxes. I hope you find it useful.

Low Income Blues – new solo

I have added a new solo to this course. This one is in the style of BB King. I lifted some licks from a live recording I heard. I think the year was 1971. Really sweet licks in there.