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YL34 – Learn a sweet blues solo in C

This is a sweet blues solo in C, and it’s fairly simple overall. As with many of my solo lessons, this one has a strong “call & response” theme. I play a lick, and follow it up with another licks that is like an answer/reply to the first lick. This way, you end up having […]

5 Blues Turnarounds

Blues turnarounds are incredibly useful and important when you play blues lead guitar. The name “Turnaround” has a very literal meaning, because we are “turning around” a rhythmic pattern to end the 12 bar blues in a resolving way that leads us back to the beginning. Blues turnarounds adds some depth to the rhythm guitar […]

How to use Major & Minor for blues

Here is ONE way you can use the Major AND the Minor sound when you play blues lead guitar. Hope you find it useful and fun! You can always use just the minor/minor blues scale for all the chords, but it can sound a bit boring sometimes. With this approach I’m sharing with you today, […]

Funk Fundamentals YL29

I have a new course ready for you today! It’s all about the FUNK. You will find a detailed lesson on strumming technique, and a lesson on how to play the funk groove in the intro. For the performance, you have Soundslice views (both front view and fretboard view) available. To access the lesson files, […]

YL28 – Triplet blues lick over a C blues

This is a ton of fun! I have provided the backing track at slower tempos for you as well. You’ll find a link to the lesson files on the Soundslice page. In this lesson, you will learn a really fun and somewhat challenging triplet lick, over a blues in C. You can play this lick […]

Melodic Phrasing YL27

In this lesson, you will learn a sweet melodic guitar solo. You will gain insight into how I structure a solo, and I explain all the fundamental concepts used.

2 new solos – jamming over backing tracks

Here are two improvised solos that I played over two of Mats Nermark’s latest backing tracks. These tracks will be available for you soon. I came up with a little theme for Once Upon A Boat, so I started and ended the jam with that. I should continued longer at the end, but I thought […]

YL26 – Melodic Solo

A bit of a departure from blues this time. We need some variation I think! This solo ties in the chords nicely. If you look at the tab/notation, you’ll see chords there. Pay attention to how the notes fit in with the chords. It’s pretty simple, but it’s powerful.

YL25 – Master The Pentatonic Boxes!

Here is a very POWERFUL approach to mastering a scale. I am saying this from the perspective of a teacher who has seen many students struggling with really knowing the scale all over the neck. I to need make it clear – it’s really important to be able to travel up and down a scale […]

AC/DC style riff lesson

Time for some classic rock riffin! Here’s a fun, fat, greasy and classic rock riff you should know. It’s based on the style of AC/DC and it’s a ton of fun to play! Many of the typical Angus and Malcolm rhythm guitar techniques are in here.